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The Pilbara Aboriginal Voice (Kakurrka Muri) will:

  • Demonstrate unity and empower Pilbara Aboriginal people to address community-wide issues impacting them.

  • Focus on closing service gaps in the Pilbara and improving outcomes for Aboriginal people across the region.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of existing government policies and programs.

  • Consult and provide input to policy reforms with all levels of government for the advancement of Pilbara Aboriginal people.

  • Act as a regional advocate to influence the government for additional and better services to the Pilbara.

  • Maintain a transparent and open dialogue with government agencies, other similarly aligned organisations and groups, and the wider Pilbara Aboriginal community.

  • Have a shared responsibility amongst its members, who will treat each other as equals and with respect.

  • Meet every two months to set and review targets and celebrate successful outcomes.


  • The Annual On-Country Bush Meeting at Yule River is to be the main forum where members provide updates and obtain issues from the community; with pertinent information also to be disseminated via newsletters and other appropriate communication measures as required;

  • All members represent Pilbara Aboriginal people and their communities and not any other specific Aboriginal corporations or trusts or businesses;

  • All members must respect the recognised cultural authority of the Pilbara and all matters related to culture must be delegated to the appropriate cultural authority;

  • All members commit to consult and engage with their communities about matters discussed (or to be discussed) at meetings;

  • All members must declare any real or perceived conflicts of interests and these conflicts must be recorded on a register; and,

  • Individual members must not engage in side meetings without prior approval of the collective group.

Terms of Reference: Who We Are
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