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​Part of PAV's commitment involves advocating for the following:

  • Providing more culturally appropriate support services for elderly Aboriginal people, especially those with disabilities and other health concerns (e.g. diabetes).

  • Employing more Aboriginal staff at Karlarra House and provide culturally appropriate activities for residents.

  • Providing more housing options of elderly Aboriginal people, in addition to Karlarra House.

  • Reviewing the availability and effectiveness of dialysis and oncology, cancer and Patient Assisted Transport Scheme (PATS) programs/services for Pilbara Aboriginal people.

  • Providing enhanced access to remote dialysis units in each community, to keep people in communities with family.

  • Ensuring more programs and services are available to address men’s health issues (e.g. depression, prostate cancer, etc.)

  • Ensuring more counselling services and programs to address mental health.

  • Introducing additional Aboriginal “Men’s Shed” programs in communities.

Health: What We Do
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