Generally, the purpose of the PAV is to:

  • be the go-to Pilbara Aboriginal regional authority;

  • review government policies and reports and call out deficiencies in achievements benefiting Pilbara Aboriginal people;

  • influence and negotiate policy reforms with all levels of government to address Pilbara Aboriginal people’s needs;

  • address key issues, funding and resource needs as identified; and,

  • lobby relevant government agencies for much-needed regional funding.

To facilitate its approach, PAV has identified several sub-committees – each focusing on a specific area of concern and set of priority issues – made up of suitably knowledgeable members. PAV's sub-committees will be responsible for advancing the group's agenda outside of its regular meetings. Each sub-committee is expected to draw from the recognised cultural authority and vast expertise provided by the invaluable community Elders comprising the overarching “Circle of Elders”; consulting with them on pertinent matters as they arise.

PAV's current sub-committees are focusing on the following priority areas: Culture and Environment; Health; Child Protection; Education; Employment; Community Safety and Justice; and, Regional Development and Housing.  


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