​Part of PAV's commitment involves advocating for the following:

  • Promoting respect for Elders.

  • Maintaining a well-resourced law and culture programs, including languages education and preservation.

  • Providing input into environmental and social impact assessment processes.

  • Reviewing the Aboriginal Heritage Act and ensuring the protection of Aboriginal sites.



Part of PAV's commitment involves advocating for the following:

  • Establishing antenatal and postnatal centres to support people in learning about parenting roles and responsibilities.

  • Setting up a network of Aboriginal foster carers for Aboriginal kids.

  • Reviewing programs and services available related to the safety and wellbeing of children.

  • Assisting to secure more funding and contracts to community groups (such as Youth Involvement Council (YIC), to deliver programs to young people who are at-risk, homeless (or at imminent risk of homelessness), disadvantaged, or otherwise in need of support.


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