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Part of PAV's commitment involves advocating for the following:

  • Reviewing the amount and effectiveness of services being delivered to Pilbara communities.

  • Improving consultation with Aboriginal people on services, e.g. through a more inclusive and culturally appropriate approach.

  • Providing a regional approach to Aboriginal affairs/matters.

  • Reviewing government funding and contract agreements that are supposedly with Aboriginal organisations (i.e. determine how much is actually going to/directly benefiting Aboriginal people).

  • Reviewing effectiveness of established joint-ventures, e.g. with mining companies, to determine if they are delivering their outcomes (i.e. genuinely benefiting the Aboriginal people involved with them).

  • Lobbying the State Government to address cost of living disparities for Pilbara Aboriginal people in a post-mining boom economy.

  • Addressing housing issues impacting Pilbara Aboriginal people, including their future needs.

Regional Development and Housing: Service
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